Super Human Feats!

May 29, 2012 in Freaks, Training

There are too many people out there that bitch and complain about not having time to workout, or it is too hard, etc.  The list goes on folks…it is easier to come up with an excuse not to then it is to make the dedication needed to do it.

I personally only get to workout for 30-45 minutes a day but I can still put up big numbers.  If you are looking for motivation to actually get out there and train, then check out the Train to be Awesome Virtual Meet that just concluded.


These are average people going out and making the best of the time, equipment, etc that they have to better themselves.  Take a few minutes to go and check out the individuals that have posted their lifts and see for yourself you too can aim towards this.

Train to be Awesome is a Private Group on Fitocracy.  It is invite only.  If you would like information on how to join, leave a comment here.