Random Mush Conversation 10/27/09

October 27, 2009 in Freaks, Mush, Zombie

*Disclaimer: No real pumpkins were harmed in the making of this random mush episode. Fried for your entertainment and baked into pumpkiny Halloween goodness… WebSpinstress New England pumpkins and apples…great
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Igor! Fetch me my Brain!

October 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

It is coming up to my favorite time of year again, Halloween!!!  This year I have been wracking my brain for an old school mad scientist layout for some pictures. 
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Take what yeh can… Give it all to me.

October 9, 2009 in Freaks, video, Weird

Everybody loves pirates… well except those on the recieving end of piracy, but I am willing to bet that some of them, dare I say MOST of them (gasp!) took
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One… Two…

September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Rorschachs Freddys Comin’ for You The next property to be bought by Disney? It has become painfully clear that Hollywood has run out of ideas for new films and has
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Now these are Disney Comic Books I would read!

September 21, 2009 in Freaks, Weird

These images were created before the Disney/Marvel merger and they are AWESOME!!!  They were all created by Illustrator Jeffrey Thomas. These are just plain sick.  I love it when someone
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