Coolest thing since sliced Bread!

June 20, 2010 in Mush, Science, Technology, Weird

There are lots of companies out there that make beautiful watches, such as this Romain Jerome Volcano Watch.  The problem with them is that no matter how expensive they are,
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Don’t Leave Facebook Over Privacy, Just Yet…

May 27, 2010 in Technology

Leaving Facebook because of privacy issues? Think again…

Everyone Loves iGoogle Gadgets!!

November 12, 2009 in EVIL, Mush, Technology

So I know this guy who owns this website that is like social bookmarking on crack and he has created this awesome new Google Gadget.  The name of the site
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Robo-Dog named Lrry?!? I’d run if I were you.

September 21, 2009 in EVIL, Science, Technology, video

Holy Crap!!!!  So there was this guy who worked for the trash company and decided one day that shit, I want to build something that walks within 4 weeks.  He
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September 5, 2009 in Technology

This is a real thing of beauty right here.  This is the KTM X-BOW.  It has a turbo charged AUDI 2.0L engine, a Carbon fibre body, and does 0-62 in
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